Covid-19 Cases Surging Bringing Price Gouging Complaints on Amazon

How does the COVID spike affect Amazon sellers? Stay with me for this entire video. It has to do with price gouging and I don’t want to see any of you folks getting suspended simply because the COVID pandemic is getting a bit worse.

Okay, Amazon sellers, so when COVID first struck and everybody was buying products on Amazon, gloves, sanitizers, all sorts of things, masks and prices went up because you were using pricing software, and as supply and demand changed, the algorithms that you were using to set prices, of course made your prices higher and higher and higher.

The problem was assistant attorney generals all over the United States were watching pricing on Amazon and they went after a boatload of you under price gouging statutes. What did Amazon do? Amazon doubled down with the attorney generals and also suspended you under Amazon’s Fair Market Pricing.

So here’s what you need to do. As the Delta variant is like a wave over the country, you have to make sure that you control your prices, don’t rely solely on supply and demand, and certainly don’t rely solely on software. Make sure that you’re putting a limit on how high your prices can go, regardless of the law of supply and demand.

If your prices go too high, the attorney generals might get involved again. They might come after you. You might call me up, be like, “Yo, CJ, I just got a letter from the attorney general. They’re talking about charging me criminally.” If that happens to you, get in touch right away.

Also, what we saw last time is that Amazon released all of your information and the only seller, the only seller that we saw across the board was Amazon itself. So they threw you under the bus, protected themselves.

Now on a positive note, on a very positive note, we were able to resolve every single case with attorney generals across the country when we explained why your prices went up and that it wasn’t your fault, and there was no price gouging under the individual state statutes.

Please beware, control your pricing, make sure that it doesn’t trigger anything, put a cap on your pricing so that you never have to be concerned about violating any state’s price gouging regulations. If you have questions about price gouging complaints on Amazon: