The IMPORTANCE Of Hiring Expert Witnesses For Testimonies & What Information They Can Provide

So this is Law School 101 for Amazon sellers and today I’m going to be talking about what is an expert witness?

Okay Amazon sellers in this part of Law School 101 for Amazon sellers, we’re going to be talking about expert witnesses. What they are, what they do, when you want to hire one, when you have to combat the other side’s expert witness.

So an expert witness is someone who comes in with specialized knowledge, specialized experience, special education that qualifies them to provide opinion testimony at trial. Now, normally witnesses can only testify to facts, what they saw, what they observed, what they read, what happened to them, what did they do? And those are all facts.

Now experts are a bit different. They are able to come in and offer opinions. The most common expert to use in a business type of litigation is an economist. And what that economist would do in a case that you may have against somebody or against a company or a claim that might be against you is, what are the financial damages? That expert would then say, “This seller was selling X number of products, at this price, for this period of time, with this return on the investment and based upon all of these facts, it is my opinion that you caused the damages to be $1 million in sales,” or “$2 million in sales.”

Those damages are not set in stone because it didn’t actually occur, but the expert is able to testify that based upon the facts that are provided to him or her, this is what would have occurred. These are the sales that would’ve been made and the profits would have been earned.

So that’s today’s Law School 101 for Amazon sellers. This is expert testimony and what experts are allowed to testify about. If you have any questions about expert witnesses for testimonies:


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