News Today: Resolve BASELESS Complaints From Law Firms Who Threaten To Sue

I have breaking news, bad news for Amazon sellers who are selling PetAg products.

Okay, Amazon sellers, so there’s a law firm out there called Vorys and they have sent likely thousands, if not tens of thousands of letters to Amazon sellers for all sorts of products claiming that you can’t sell their products for a whole bunch of different reasons.

I have talked to probably hundreds of you about these letters, and I have almost always told you, the claims are likely baseless, and if one claim might have some merit, this claim called interference with contract that you have to be concerned about it, but this law firm rarely files lawsuits.

The breaking news is when it comes to PetsAg, this line of products, the law firm has filed a lawsuit. They filed a lawsuit against a small number of Amazon sellers, but the way they did it is they left the door open to add more and more sellers to the lawsuit.

So if you are an Amazon seller and you’ve been selling PetsAg products, and you have not been sued, contact us. We want to give you the heads up, give you the information you need, try and resolve the issues before you get dragged into expensive and time consuming litigation.

That’s the breaking news for today – we can help you resolve baseless complaints. If you’re selling this branded product, be on the lookout for a lawsuit. If you want to reach out to our team for a consultation so we can try and resolve the issues before you get dragged into the case, we are available to you seven days a week.