Is Amazon MORE Receptive To Accepting A Legal Opinion Letter Written By YOUR Attorney?

Is Amazon giving more weight to legal opinion letters than ever before?

Okay, Amazon sellers, so if you receive a trademark complaint, if you receive a copyright complaint, the first step is almost always to try and get that complaint retracted.

Either you’re doing it from a position of strength because they are totally wrong, or you’re doing it from a position of weakness where you have to negotiate something because you did violate their rights or anywhere in between. What we’re starting to see a little bit with patent complaints is Amazon is seemingly more receptive to accepting a legal opinion letter opposing the allegations against you.

Now, we’re just starting to see this. It’s only a little bit of a trickle. And as you guys know, we see the trends before anybody else because we help more Amazon sellers than anybody else and my team collaborates with each other. So every day, every week we meet and we talk about what are we seeing on the front lines so that when you hire us you’re getting the benefit of the entire team, not just your assigned lawyer, not just your assigned paralegal.

So anyway, what we’ve seen over the past week or so when it comes to patent complaints, that you can go to the Neutral Patent Evaluation Program, you can get a retraction, and we’ve seen at least one Amazon case where Amazon asked for a legal opinion letter from your attorney, which was us. So this could be really, really great news.

If Amazon could be possibly changing the process where it is going to look at whether or not the complaints have any merit or they’re entirely baseless based upon the opinions that we write, that would be really great for you because that would give us a lot more control where you’re not beating down the door of the people and companies that made complaints who often drag it out by simply not responding.

Now, if you want to learn more about how we handle those cases, when a complainant refuses to respond, how we check the USPTO to see whether or not the complainant actually owns anything at all, whether the complaints are baseless or possibly have merit, you can go to our website and run the search terms, IP complaint, copyright complaint, trademark complaint.

You can download our books for a very low donation to an incredible foundation that raises money for pediatric cancers, and the books are Copyright Law for Sellers, Trademark Law for Amazon Sellers. We even wrote a book on Chinese Intellectual Property Law specifically for Amazon sellers.



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