Design Patent Complaints Against Another Seller? CJ Rosenbaum Shows You How To Win Reactivation

Design patent complaints can be a serious issue for Amazon sellers. In this video, we discuss design patent complaints submitted against another seller and what you can do to protect yourself.

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More information for Amazon sellers about submitting design patent complaints against another seller:

Design Patent Complaints SKYROCKETING on Amazon Due to Minimal Design Changes from Sellers

The increase in the number of design patent complaints doesn’t mean there are more violations. It just means that the patent owners are becoming more aggressive against Amazon sellers.

Dramatic Increase of Design Patent Complaints on AMZ

Some companies are using baseless complaints to get Amazon suspensions, and it’s hurting many Amazon sellers. But there is something you can do to protect yourself.

How To Win Design Patent Complaints on Amazon

In this video, I’ll walk you through the process, so that you can feel confident about facing the complainant and winning your argument.

Submitting Design Patent Complaints with Amazon

Generally speaking, applying for a design patent tends to cost a lot less than applying for the more involved utility patent, and consists of a lot less specification. It is perhaps for this reason that ecommerce platforms, such as Amazon, have first addressed the concerns of evaluating utility patent complaints, and have since failed to address the submission of design patent complaints.