Accused of an IP Complaint That Has Nothing To Do With Your Listing on Amazon? Here’s what to do!

If you’ve been accused of an IP complaint on Amazon that doesn’t have anything to do with your listing, don’t panic. Here’s what to do to protect yourself and get your account and listing reinstated.

File Number 05230

A client of Amazon Sellers Lawyer received a trademark complaint from a brand based on what was on the listing for their product. We argued that our client was not responsible for the listing because they did not create it, which is sound reasoning in most states. We provided proof that the client was distributing legitimate products and had sourced them from an authorized source.

When you receive false IP complaints, it is crucial that you respond with proof that the claim is false in order to get your seller account reactivated. Evidence of this kind can include proof of sourcing from authorized vendor, proof that your product is legitimate with no material differences, etc. Baseless claims against you can damage your reputation as a seller and your ability to profit so it is important that you take action to mediate these issues, and know that you are capable of suing brands for defamation.