How to Build Value into your Amazon-Based Business by Diversifying the Source of your Products

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What I want to talk to you about today is for private label sellers on Amazon.

It has to do where you source your products from. So, most private label sellers, brands, companies, are having their products manufactured in China. When there are problems with China, there are problems with your business, or there’s risks, or you can’t sleep at night, so you need to find alternative places to source from.

India Sourcing TripI’m going to recommend a very specific book for you. It’s called the eCommerce Seller’s Guide to Sourcing from India. You can download this book for free at Meghla and her incredible team have developed this knowledge base, this expertise in helping you source products from India.

Now, before the pandemic, I joined them on a trip. The quality of the textiles, the leather goods, the metal products, the wood products, paper goods, the quality is off the charts; just head and shoulders above anything you’re going to get manufactured in China. So, go to the website, and get a copy of this free book. It is absolutely killer information.

The key to building value in your Amazon-based business is to diversify the source of your products.

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