AMZ Sellers Now Required to Submit DMCA Counter-Notices Through Seller Central


Some of you who have been filing DMCA counter-notices may recognize email addresses such as, and These emails were the quickest way to get a response to your counter-notice. But just like how Amazon moved away from appealing through email addresses, counter-notices are following that same trend.

As most of you may know, Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows rights owners to make copyright claims against anyone who they believe is misrepresenting their copyright and using it without their permission.

The counter-notice exists for when these rights owners are grossly overstepping the permissions granted by their copyright to enforce claims that aren’t normally protected. In short, the counter-notice tells the rights owner to sue you or remove the copyright complaint.

Each notice must be in accordance with Amazon’s procedure for submitting a counter-notice pursuant to the DMCA. Too many times have we seen sellers forget to sign the notice electronically/physically and later receive a rejection notification from Amazon.

Now, here’s the important takeaway… Counter-notices should be submitted through your seller central dashboard. The same way you submit an appeal is the same way you should submit a counter-notice. We would advise you to submit both an appeal and a counter-notice for the best results.

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