How to Get Your Business Back and Thriving on Amazon After Receiving Complaints

Amazon sellers, in this video, I’m going to tell you how my team won the reactivation of an Amazon seller’s account after they received over 40 counterfeit complaints.

This is file number 05103, this is a real case that we won.

Chris was our awesome paralegal who worked on this case; our client literally received over 40 different counterfeit complaints against his account.

So, the first thing we did in our process after the client saw one of these great videos, went to our website, submitted the case online, and received our retainer in a credit card link to make his payment to us. It was handled under a flat fee of $3,500. The case was then on-boarded by my partner, Anthony, and assigned to Chris.

The first thing Chris did under the supervision of his managing attorney is to look at the substance of the complaint. Was there any basis at all for any one of the 40+ counterfeit complaints? And after our legal analysis, the answer was no.

Every single one of those counterfeit complaints was absolutely baseless. There was no support for them.

Our client was taking a product that was similar to a branded product, not the same product, and not only was it not the same product, he was selling it under his own private label brand. What does that mean? That means the counterfeit complaints were absolutely baseless. By pointing this out to Amazon staff, we were able to persuade Amazon (without retractions of the complaints) to reinstate this seller’s account.

So Chris, great job. I’m so proud that you are on our team. To Amazon sellers out there, if you receive counterfeit complaints, know there are many ways of getting your business back. You can get retractions, you can argue to Amazon, you can show the counterfeit complaint was made by someone who doesn’t even own the rights that they’re claiming to own.

As an Amazon seller, you are not impotent. If you’re receiving complaints, there are many ways to help you get reinstated and back to thriving on Amazon.