How Lawyers Are Able To Practice Law in Any Jurisdiction to Represent People All Around The U.S.

I get calls every week from Amazon sellers who’ve been sued and that goes right to me in our litigation department. The question I’m going to talk about today is:

“Hey, CJ, I got sued. Where can you help me? What parts of the country can you help Amazon sellers?”

Okay, so here’s the story with lawyers representing people around the United States:

In order to practice law in any jurisdiction, whether it’s a state court or a federal court, the lawyer has to be admitted into that jurisdiction, and that happens in a couple of different ways.

You sit for the bar exam and you pass, then you get sworn in.

Just like I did in New York, or you apply for admission to practice law, like I did in the southern district of New York, the eastern district of New York, the northern district of Illinois, which is the federal court in Chicago where most Amazon sellers get hailed into court, or you can ask the court to allow you to represent your client for that one case. It’s like a case-specific admission. It’s called pro hac vice admission. In most parts of the country, as long as you have experience, and I got over 25 years experience, as long as you have experience, the court will allow you to handle that one case.

Another way to handle cases all over the country is by hiring what we call local council.

California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, those states are very, very protective of the lawyers’ jobs and who can represent people in their courts. What we do then is we have relationships with lawyers in California, lawyers in Virginia, lawyers in Florida, we also have relationships with lawyers in Arkansas and Texas, and in some jurisdictions, either because it makes more sense to have local boots on the ground, or those states won’t admit me pro hac vice for that particular case, we hire local counsel.

Wherever you are located, if you have been sued and you’re concerned, contact me, we’ll talk the issues through, and if we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll try and steer you in the right direction.


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