USPTO Using Certain Restrictions When Issuing & Approving Trademarks

Amazon sellers, I’m going to share with you something in this video that I would bet 99 out of 100 sellers don’t know, and it has to do with trademarks issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Okay, Amazon sellers, from time to time, the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will only approve a trademark if it’s used with certain restrictions. On a case that we just won, that Chris, one of our brilliant paralegals, just won, when we pulled up the trademark, when we did the legal research before sending in a plan of action, before drafting the plan of action for the seller to submit, the trademark had a restriction that the trademark was only valid if it was accompanied by an image with a picture.

So what did we do? Well, first, we reached out to the rights owner and asked for a retraction, and guess what? The door was slammed in our face, with no retraction. Then we wrote a killer plan of action, and that plan of action included the restriction on this mark, that the mark was only valid if it included an image. And guess what? The brand wasn’t doing that.

So this is how we win cases. We dig deep. We do Amazon deep dives. We collaborate with each other and brainstorm.

How can we win this case? How can we get this seller reinstated? And that’s why my team is the absolute best by far. No one can compare when it comes to helping Amazon sellers with your plans of action, getting IP complaints withdrawn, taking Amazon to arbitration when it won’t release your money or claims to have lost your inventory, defending you when you get sued in court, I mean, protecting your brands when you develop a private label brand that takes off and now you are a beast.

My brand protection department is the best in the world, and we do this by having great, great people on our team, educated people on our team, and focusing exclusively on issues facing people and companies selling products on Amazon.

If you have questions about approving trademarks: