Amazon Inauthentic Complaints on Brand Listing Successfully Reinstated

Hi everyone. My name is Alexa Alers. I’m a paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC. Today I’m here to talk to you about one of my recent successes with getting a brand listing reinstated.

Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of clients getting inauthentic complaints on something that’s their brand listing. So today we had somebody who had that exact situation happen, and it took a couple of different appeals to Amazon showing that he had the registered trademark number, he had the patent information, he had everything that he could supply to Amazon to show that he was the brand owner, and had his invoices that clearly stated that the products were being received by him at his address that matched his Amazon account. So with all of this, we had to appeal multiple times showing the exact same proof, but eventually it did work out and our client got their listing back up.

If you have any questions about a brand listing getting taken down, please let us know 1-877-9-SELLER. Thank you.

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