New Year Greeting Card from Sponsored Child

I’m very happy to receive this New Year Greeting Card 2020 from a Sponsored Child in India. Deepalaya is a non-governmental organization in India’s national capital state Delhi, working on issues affecting the development of the urban and rural poor in India, with a special focus on children. Deepalaya’s official

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Marketing to Millennial Business Travelers

Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce in 2020

Millennials are forecast to make up 50% of the U.S. workforce by 2020, and in five years they will account for 75% of the global workforce. Fortunately for the travel goods industry, millennials would rather spend money on travel and experiences than a house or other material possessions, according to

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Amazon Bans Buyers for High Return Rates

banned on Amazon

Amazon Bans Buyers for High Return Rates In recent news, Amazon’s policy of suspending buyers’ accounts for “too many” returns has come to light. But, as we often see with seller account suspensions, what constitutes “too many” is not clearly defined. There are no definitive standards that are set, and

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