Helping sellers when federal courts freeze their inventory & money.

Amazon Sellers Sued in Court

Our law firm assists sellers with temporary restraining orders when sued by big brands. We can help recover your money & inventory frozen by federal courts.

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Sellers Sued in Court: This is where brands sue sellers for selling counterfeit goods (usually dozens or hundreds at a time) and the brands get temporary restraining orders that freeze sellers’ accounts, money, and inventory. In these cases, we rep the sellers and negotiate resolutions or defend them in court.

Big brands often obtain orders against Amazon sellers who never made any sales.
Clearly, if you never made any sales at all, you never delivered counterfeit products, despite what some brands claim in their lawsuits.
Amazon sellers can obtain relief from temporary restraining orders if they have the right information.

"It is awful… could you imagine your entire business, your inventory, and your cash being withheld based on one-sided accusations?" - CJ Rosenbaum, Esq., founding partner of Rosenbaum Famularo, PC

Litigation News

Grumpy Cat Lawsuit: I don’t know if any of you are selling (or were selling) these products, but the owner of Grumpy Cat filed litigation against sellers, and their litigation is expanding. What happened is they started a lawsuit in secret. They got a restraining order in secret, and you’re only finding out about it when your money & account gets frozen with Amazon. If you received an order, if your funds / inventory have become frozen because of a court order, call for a free consultation 1-877-9-SELLER.


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