Amazon Seller Gets Hit with a Temporary Restraining Order

What do you do if you’re an Amazon seller who’s been served with a Temporary Restraining Order?

In this video, I’ll give you the rundown on what to expect and how to handle it. Stay tuned!

Case #04296

In this case, a brand sued over 850 Amazon sellers at same time, placing a temporary restraining order (tro) on these sellers. The brand then provided a bond which is intended to prevent the defendant from facing loses in the case that a judge rules that the temporary restraining order was unneeded, but the bond amount was substantially less than our client was profiting in sales a day.


In order to resolve this dispute and lift the temporary restraining order on our client our team identified what charges were filed against them, before speaking to the judge in order to explain why the TRO was unnecessary. Proof was provided that the client was like any other Amazon seller account who distributed to American consumers, and was not part of an elaborate plot. In addition to this, we argued that the bond provided by the plaintiff of 5,000 dollars was entirely insufficient as our clients was losing around 30,000 dollars in sales per day as a result of the restraining order.