Amazon Sellers Must Comply with USDA’s Rules & Regulations when Selling Food Products on

USDA Requesting ALL Documentation from a Food Product Seller

Amazon Sellers Lawyer is here to talk about an interesting case that one of our clients had involving the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Our client was selling food products on and the USDA contacted them directly, asking them for all of their documents.

They asked them for their invoices and all customs documents. They requested everything to show or prove that they had the right to sell those products in the USA.

If you’re selling products that are coming from overseas, and if it’s a food product, you have to look very, very carefully at the USDA rules as they can be extremely complex. Be prepared to provide documentation to prove your Amazon shop is not violating any USDA regulations.

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Food & Safety Complaints Resulting in Listing & Account Suspensions for Amazon Sellers

If you are selling products that come in multi-packs or in bundles and they’re breaking it down and then repackaging it, you can’t stick your trademark on it.