Amazon Sellers, BEWARE of Selling Branded Products – Big Brands are Filing IP Complaints

Amazon sellers, we want you to be up to speed on which brands are consistently sending cease & desist communications, and which ones are making IP complaints in recent weeks.

If you want to boycott their products, go for it, but here’s the information that we believe you need to know so that you can make a decision whether or not you want to sell their products.

Questions you should ask yourself are… Are they worth the risk? Are your mark-ups high enough? Is your return on investment high enough to take the risk of one of these companies making a complaint against you?

Here’s today’s list: Nature’s Bounty, Hormel – the makers of canned chili, Savage London, Boston Tea, Grumpy Cat, and Dell Computers.

These brands have recently stepped up their enforcement activities. Some of them are sending cease and desist letters, and some of them making IP complaints. Be careful what you are selling, when you are selling, and how you are selling.

If you’re an Amazon seller, not a private label seller, but selling other brand’s products, which is what the vast majority of Amazon sellers do, you need to know about the First Sale Doctrine. The First Sale Doctrine is what allows you to sell other brands’ products in the United States without the brand’s permission.

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