Good News for Amazon Sellers – How to Successfully Win Reinstatement for Inauthentic Suspensions

Available to Amazon sellers, literally, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I just had a stop skiing with Max, pulled over on the side of the slope because an Amazon seller sent me a text… A lot of you have my cell phone number, and so I stopped. I texted back. I’m like, we are skiing right now. We’re going to be off the mountain in about an hour, and then I’ll call him back.

This Amazon seller had an inauthentic suspension.

Inauthentics are all about invoices.

So in every plan of action, you should include the root cause, an immediate corrective action, and then any long term changes to your business. Those are the three sections that you need to include in a POA to Amazon. Then you have to look at your invoices like an Amazonian if you want to get a fast reinstatement.

If you need help with reinstatement for inauthentic suspensions on, we’re here for you. We are here for sellers 7 days a week.


Plan of Action for Amazon
The 1st plan of action is really what can make or break you as a seller!

It might take a substantially greater amount of effort to get past that 1st Amazon POA. It’s vital because it has a better success rate of reinstatement. The problem is that the supplemental plans of action are taking longer and longer to be reviewed and to get responses. We think that Amazon has increased their staff in terms of addressing plans of action and focuses them on the initial ones coming in. The 1st plan of action is absolutely vital. I’ve noticed particularly regarding appeals to Amazon, you really have to make sure they are concise, persuasive and also respectful to the people who are reading them. Because that could also be a big factor into whether or not you get your account reinstated. When people you know from Hyderabad or Bangalore are reading these, you want to make sure that you treat them with respect. <more>