Serving Pre-Arbitration Demand Letters to Amazon When Counter-Notices Fail

Copyright complaints, DMCA counter-notices, and what we call pre-arbitration demand letters.

This is a process that we use that works to get sellers’ listings back on and works to get sellers’ accounts reinstated.

Now, before I get into the details of today’s talk, I want to make sure that every single one of you knows you can submit your case to me online through our website. You can text me and I will respond. You can email me or you can call me on the good old-fashioned telephone, which is what I prefer most of all.

So, what am I talking about today? You get accused of violating somebody’s copyright interest by using an image or you copy and pasted the verbiage. You immediately take it down or you were not violating. If you weren’t violating, you send in what’s called a counter-notice. By serving the counter-notice, whoever made that complaint has to sue you within two weeks or the complaint’s supposed to be removed.

Amazon stopped following the system and what we did to resolve these problems is to send Amazon’s lawyers what we call pre-arbitration demand letters. Basically saying, “Dear Amazon, we’re going to file an arbitration against you unless you follow the law, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.” And by doing this, we are winning reinstatements after copyright complaints when counter-notices fail.

The benefit you have by watching these videos is that you are getting information from the company that handles more Amazon suspensions, more listing suspensions, more arbitrations against Amazon, than any other firm in the entire world.


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