As we know, Amazon refunds an order as soon a customer initiates a return (and charges the seller immediately).

If a customer does not actually send the product back to FBA within 45 days, Amazon should reimburse the sum back to the seller.

However, this doesn’t always happen.

Your inventory can be lost or damaged by Amazon employees in the FBA warehouse. Normally, Amazon should either find the lost inventory, or reimburse you. Using the sellerboard Money Back Report, you will be able to find cases when products were damaged/lost and have neither been found nor reimbursed.

This report will help you to find such FBA errors, so you can claim your money through seller support.

Manually, such cases are quite difficult to track and often people lose hundreds of dollars on such returns, which weren’t reimbursed by Amazon. Now, using the Money Back report, you can track all cases of returns, damages or losses during a selected period, group them together, ask seller support to research and reimburse you the money.

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