In this case, the Amazon seller was large and advanced, including 21 staff other than himself. It was important that we got this account back up and running because about 70 to 100 Americans relied on this account for their livelihood. This advanced seller was suspended from Amazon due to transparency codes.

Transparency codes are a new requirement of Amazon. FBA users need to have transparency codes on their products in order for Amazon to accept the products.

The seller needed to hire us because Amazon never sent them a roll out date email. Therefore, the products that they already had in the FBA center were being held by Amazon. After he was suspended from his account, he reached out to us. After speaking with him, our talented paralegal, Dana Rodriguez drafted an appeal just to let Amazon know that they didn’t send an email or warning in advance. She also provided invoices showing that these are authentic, even though they didn’t have the transparency codes.

The appeal worked and the Amazon seller was reinstated.

Dana not only saved the seller’s account – 21 jobs are now safe and secure thanks to her hard work.

What Amazon was supposed to do was send out an email that has the exact date of when the transparency codes roll out. The inventory is sent in before the transparency code date. If the inventory is sent in afterwards, without the code, Amazon will attempt to seize. If this happens to your business, we can help you get out of your suspension and get back to selling as soon as possible.

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