New Restricted Product Category ‘COVID-19 SUPPLIES’ on Amazon – Amazon Seller Suspensions

Alexa, a paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, talks to sellers about restricted products on Amazon.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer - Alexa AlersI just wanted to give you a reminder that may come a little late for some sellers, but a reminder none the less, to frequently check the restricted product policy page because recently, Amazon added a restricted category called ‘covid-19 supplies’.

Sellers who were suffering from price gouging allegations have somehow gotten shifted over to a restricted product policy violation. Unfortunately this can happen, so stay abreast to the changes that Amazon puts out into their world and just keep yourself safe because if you know the policies, you know how to defend yourself, and then you can go back and get back to selling if ever suspended on Amazon.

So check out the restricted item policy page whenever you can and it’ll help save your life in the future.

Before you sell an item, you need to make sure it’s not restricted across the board, and it’s not restricted in the particular area where it’s going to be delivered. I’ll give you an example… You cannot sell radar detectors for cars in certain portions of Canada. Also, you cannot sell anything to do with CBD, and if your listing has anything that sounds medical in nature, you may get dinged by Amazon by simply having something that appears to be to Amazon to be a medical claim or a treatment for some disease. So you need to be careful about restricted products on Amazon.

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