Requesting an FBA Bin Check of Your Inventory Could Potentially Save Your Amazon Business

Before we get into today’s information, I want you to think about a success and what’s coming to mind for me is the first time I made big, big payday in a personal injury case. Before focusing on Amazon, I was a trial lawyer for car accidents, trip and falls, medical malpractice and I remember one case. Client’s name was Susie and when I walked out of that courtroom, I had $135,000 in fees in my pocket and it was awesome. So think about one of your successes. Set the tone for an awesome day today.

What I’m talking about in this video is that Amazon is doing more and more in-person bin checks of inventory.

So if you’re falsely accused of selling counterfeit products, you can write to Amazon and request that someone actually goes to the warehouse, goes to FBA, starts digging through the bins, and finds your inventory to confirm that your inventory is genuine and not false.

Requesting a FBA bin check is vital because the number of false counterfeit complaints is rising and a lot of brands use it just to get you off the platform. We’re hopeful that they follow through and they continue to do this and that they search your inventory and confirm that yours is 1000% genuine.