Are you Losing a Lot of Sales? How to Protect Yourself from Unfair Trade Practices

Losing a Lot of Sales? As an Amazon seller, you need to be aware of unfair trade practices that some sellers use in order to gain an advantage in the market. In this video, we’ll discuss some of the most common black hat tactics used by unethical sellers and how you can protect yourself from them.

What are black hat tricks?

Black hat tricks are tactics that sellers use to boost the appearance of their business and help it grow like keyword stuffing, reporting competitors, or false representation of products that do not necessarily add to the quality of the business in real life. The subtle tactics can help a seller achieve more interaction with consumers and minimize the interference they face from competitors, but methods of this type are not completely protected by law.

What can you do when you are losing sales to black hat tricks?

When you recognize that you are losing excessive sales to black hat tricks, there are steps you can take to combat this issue in court. You can file a lawsuit for violation of unfair trade practices or interference with your contract with Amazon, but taking legal action of this severity is only recommended if you expect to profit substantially (more than double your investment) from pursuing remediation in court.