Analyzing The Issues Amazon Sellers Face When Getting SUED And Finding SUCCESSFUL Resolutions

Getting sued is never fun if you’re an Amazon seller or any other business person, and today I’m going to talk to you about resolutions for Amazon sellers that my incredible team led by Leslie obtained over the last week.

Okay. Amazon sellers. So there’s a lawyer’s name is David Gulbransen. He is actually a pretty good guy. He practices in Illinois, mostly in Chicago, and he brought two of our Amazon sellers into litigation. I’m really, really pleased to announce that we were able to resolve both of those cases. As of right now, those sellers are fully back in business.

There’s another settlement we obtained and it’s with a lawyer named Harry Moren. The law firm is Thoits Law and this is not our first dance with Harry’s law firm. In fact, the very first lawsuit, when he came after one of our Amazon sellers, I gave him the opportunity to cut our client loose because he had no jurisdiction. He shouldn’t have filed against our sellers and he tried to get me to pay him money. I said, “That’s it, stop.” We actually brought a formal motion to the court pointing out that they should never have been sued. Our client didn’t sell any products in the state of New York where this case was brought. The court did not have any jurisdiction and the case was totally bunk. As soon as we filed a motion, this law firm cut our clients loose and our clients are back to selling right now.

So Amazon sellers, if you get sued, take a deep breath, contact me through our case submission button.

We will analyze the issues and see if the claims have any merit and we will stand with you to get baseless complaints dismissed against you and fight tooth and nail to protect you if there are any valid claims.