Amazon Law Library – Use Our Knowledge As Power

Amazon sellers, I’m going to put a number on the board in a minute, and I’m also going to make you a killer offer where you can learn all the different arguments that Amazon took in litigation in hundreds of cases against Amazon. And if that’s information that you think will be valuable to you, then watch this entire video.

So here’s the number I want you to remember, okay, 1,841, 1,841. I hope you can see it on the screen. I’ll make it even darker for you. Okay? So I really want you to remember this number. Okay? 1,841. Now, that’s the number of days that a little boy named Ty Campbell lived. That’s it. Ty lost his battle against a very aggressive form of brain cancer.

Book: Amazon Law LibraryHere’s what I want you to know:

If you want to know the arguments that Amazon made in hundreds of lawsuits against it, okay, this book is roughly 620 pages or so. And in that book, me and the lawyers that work here and some law students that helped us on the project went through case by case by case where Amazon was involved in litigation. Because we wanted to see what Amazon argued in various scenarios.

So that when I go to arbitration, when Amazon won’t release your money, when Amazon won’t give you back your inventory, when you can’t resolve things amicably, I keep on the arbitration table a copy of this book. It’s like that thick. And so whatever position Amazon are argues, I run through my own book and identify where Amazon took the exact opposite argument, and it helps us win arbitrations for you.

Now, this number, in addition to it being just a very sad reminder of the short life that Ty had on this earth, I want you to celebrate his life. Because Ty’s mom, Cindy, and his dad, Lou, turned the tragedy of losing Ty to brain cancer into triumph by creating The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. And if you go to our website,, you click books, you click to the Amazon Law Library. While you can download it for a donation of $2.97, I’m going to ask you to go to our website right now, click on the book. And instead of donating $2.97, I want you to donate $18.41.

It will be the best $18.41 that you ever spent. Because one, you’re donating money to a great charity that’s there to find better treatments, and God willing a cure to pediatric cancers. And simultaneously, you’re going to be at the greatest book in the world that identifies all the different positions that Amazon took in hundreds of different cases.