Amazon’s Health & Beauty Category – Using Authorization Agreements – Avoiding IP Complaints

Hi everyone. My name’s Alexa, I’m here to give you Amazon insider information. I’ll be talking about license agreements and letters of authorization for products in the health & beauty department of

This is a situation that you might see happen. If you sell hair products or supplements, something that is under the category of health, beauty, wellness, something that is for someone’s benefit. Now Amazon’s very strict on these categories because they are supplements that are taken or creams / lotions that are put on your body / hair. That’s why they have to be extra careful with counterfeits and other types of complaints from the brand, because the brand is trying to ensure people’s safety so that they don’t get sued, which makes sense.

This is why there’s been a slew of new notifications for sellers asking for letters of authorization or licensing agreements.

Now you can avoid this by having a licensing agreement by reaching out to the brand and showing the brand where you source your products. This isn’t always to say that that’s a hundred percent the way to get these licensing agreements. That is a good way to help remedy the situations. Because once you supply Amazon with these agreements, usually 95% of the time, they will just remove the complaint and move forward.

So if that’s what you had, if you have a licensing agreement or a letter of authorization, it’s smooth sailing, but otherwise you’re going to have a problem. Thank you so much for joining me for your insider information and we hope you join us again.

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