How to Fight Allegations That You’re Selling Counterfeit Products on Amazon

When it comes to allegations that you’re selling counterfeit products, Amazon is a hotbed for them.

If you’re an Amazon seller, you may have been accused of selling these products yourself.

In this video, I’m going to share with you three ways that you can fight back against these allegations and prove your innocence.

Acne wipeout 

The company Acne Wipeout falsely accused an Amazon seller of distributing counterfeit products, a legal complaint which has severe implications including imprisonment and expensive fines. The complaint lodged by Acne Wipeout was proven to be baseless when the seller provided documentation demonstrating his products were genuine and he had not infringed on any intellectual property.

Proving products are genuine

The seller account was reactivated after taking several steps including;

  • providing retail receipts from a reliable source, Costsco, which proves the products were sourced genuinely
  • showing the brand proof the claims were baseless and letting them know that he is aware of his rights as a seller. By filing baseless claims against the Amazon seller the brand has made their business vulnerable to legal claims like defamation and interference with Amazon seller contracts.
  • Using the truth that the brand has filed misguided, baseless claims against the seller as leverage for them to retract the initial complaint