You Have Rights as an Amazon Seller if Brands FALSELY ACCUSE You of Selling Counterfeit Products

If you’re an Amazon Seller & a brand (large or small) has falsely accused you of selling counterfeit products, you have rights.

The first thing you need to do if you are falsely accused of selling counterfeit products is reach out to that complainant and show them that the products you are selling are genuine and demand that they retract the complaint.

The second step is to go through Amazon’s notice dispute system where you can argue to Amazon that your products were 100% genuine and that complaint should be ignored.

Another powerful tool at your disposal is a digital millennium copyright act counter-notice. If you were selling genuine products, you can serve a legal notice to whoever made that complaint against you that says your products are genuine and if they think otherwise they will have to sue you. If they don’t file that lawsuit, that complaint disappears.

Finally, some of the most powerful weapons you have are the legal claims of interference with contract and defamation. Now, I don’t want you to think I’m rushing you into court, but you need to know that you have these legal claims in your arsenal of weapons to use against brands who make false counterfeit complaints.

Defamation is when you are accused of a crime. If a brand has made a false counterfeit complaint against you, that’s what they’ve done. They have accused you of a crime and you have a legal claim against them.

The second claim you have is Interference with Contract. That brand knows that you have a contract with Amazon and they either purposely or negligently interfered with that contract by filing a false counterfeit complaint against you. You have the right to sue them for every single penny that you lost while your account or your listing was down. You can use that to go to court or as leverage to get the complaint withdrawn.

If you are subjected to a false counterfeit complaint, know that you have tremendous rights and tremendous power against all brands.

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