Growth Strategies: How to Evaluate the Buyer When Selling an Amazon eCommerce Business or Brand

This series of videos is for Amazon sellers who own your own brands, private label brands, and you’re looking to sell your brand, or you’re just thinking about it, or you should be thinking about it.

So first I want to let you know that we created a great course. It’s called the Amazon Training Center. The first course is how to add value to your private label brand. It’s a six-part course. Please check it out at the

Today I’m going to be talking about who you should sell your business to.

How do you evaluate the different acquirers or the different aggregators who are looking to buy your Amazon-based business and brand?

The first thing I want to talk about is the strategy of the acquiring company. Why is this important? Well, a lot of the deals have in place a earn out which is not always the best, a continued participation, which is often great to make sure the brand succeeds, and before you commit to any one company buying your Amazon based brand you want to make sure that they have a strategy and a track record. You want to make sure that when they acquire your brand they are going to add cash to it, they’re going to put fuel on the fire, or they have ways of lowering the cost and therefore increasing the profit.

You want to make sure that the strategy of the acquiring company, the company you are choosing to sell your brand to, has the expertise on Amazon and experience on Amazon to make sure that the business continues to thrive during the period of time where you’re getting a piece, where you’re getting your earn-out, and also to make sure that your staff, your employees, your high-level people, and I think most importantly yourself, that your interests are well protected after the closing.

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