Confidentiality Agreements are Vital for Amazon Sellers Selling a Brand or Business

Confidentiality, keeping secrets, not revealing a special sauce, not revealing where you get your products from, not revealing how you drive traffic to your brand or your listings.

Confidentiality is vital if you’re considering selling your Amazon-based business, considering selling your Amazon-based brand.

What is it? Well, it really is a two-way street when it comes to confidentiality. You, as the selling brand, you’re selling your business. Whoever’s buying it wants you to keep it under wraps. They don’t want anyone to know that they’re looking at your business, that they may be buying it because that might affect their strategy post-closing.

When it comes to the acquiring company, you want to make sure that they don’t reveal anything about your business. That they don’t reveal your PPC strategy. They don’t reveal the source of your products. They don’t reveal how you build value into this brand. You don’t want them to reveal who your staff is, who your key people are.

Basically, you don’t want them to reveal anything at all, and when they close and they now own everything, then it’s theirs. They can do whatever they want. But until you get your check, until you get your golden parachute, you want to make sure that the acquiring company is tied up in a confidentiality agreement so that if it should not close, or even during that due diligence period, they don’t reveal anything at all about how you have grown your incredible business on Amazon.

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