How To Diversify Your Income Stream On Multiple Platforms

Alright, Amazon sellers, what do you have in common with 50 or 60,000 other Amazon sellers who are located in Mainland China?

Sellers in China are remarkably adept and remarkably good at manipulating platforms.

Somewhere between 50 and 60,000 of them were kicked off Amazon in 2021 for review manipulation and also rebate issues.

Now, what do you have in common with them?

They are getting on Walmart. So it’s not like they were going to fold up their tents, close up their factories, take their products to giant shredders. It wasn’t ain’t going to happen. They’ve got high-quality products to sell and they’re going to sell them in the biggest market in the world, which is here in the United States. The vast majority of these sellers are located in Shenzhen. We’ve had staff in China for years and years. In fact, I spoke at the Shenzhen cross-border eCommerce association and this is the major association that is helping the sellers in China who’ve been kicked off Amazon do well on Walmart.

#1: Do what the Chinese sellers are doing and get yourself on Walmart and the other platforms out there. Diversify your income streams.

#2: Watch the competition because it’s going to increase dramatically because these sellers in Shenzhen have direct access to the factories in China.

They can get their products made faster than you. They can get their products made cheaper than you. And they also likely have better access of getting their products out of China into the United States.

They’re having the same problems you’re having once it gets to the United States, but in terms of getting their products outside the factory onto the Chinese trucks, to the Chinese ports and onto the Chinese ships, they got a bit of a leg up. So watch the competition. Diversify onto Walmart and other platforms.

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