It’s CJ. I’ve been getting questions from folks since I announced the enrollment to my new on-demand Amazon Business Training Center on how to Build Value Into Your Amazon-Based Business a couple of days ago.

Anyway, I thought I’d take a moment to answer some of the more common questions. Let’s get started.

Q. The program sounds great, but I simply don’t have the time to sit through hours of videos. I’m not sure I’d be able to invest the time into the program.

A. This is EXACTLY why I created the course in the first place!

The videos are broken up into small bits so you can soak up the information and implement what you’ve learned as quickly as possible. You can literally do the training and lessons on the go on your smartphone at your convenient time. Finally! I found a time-saving on-demand course!

Q. Ok. I know this program is a life changer but isn’t it too expensive?

A. Compared to $149 books or e-books without any ounce of support and proof, I guess you can say it is expensive…

Compared to other ways you could get educated about how to put your business into place and earn a significant value and income, I find the price reasonable. It’s designed not to be cheap to screen out those who don’t follow through.

Let me ask you… Is $297 expensive for a lifetime investment? I think you already know the answer.

I want to be more considerate. That’s why letting you pay $99/mo for 3 months is a no-brainer offer. In fact, it’s supposed to be $3,623 based on the value of the learnings you will get.

Did the Amazon sellers who just joined paid for that amount? No. But they knew they’d be getting the course for the equivalent price that will help their business tremendously. It’s a steal deal!

Q. I know that the Amazon Training Center program works like a charm. But my biggest obstacle is lack of motivation and dedication. Is this program for me?

A. Well, if I have to say… this program is definitely designed for someone like you.

To make sure that you stay committed, I made sure of a couple of things in place. I have Mary, my Course Director, committed to supporting and guiding you through the program where you can voice out and ask your most pressing concerns.

You may email her at

Plus, I have my Client Relations Team ready to answer your call for whatever concern you have regarding your Amazon sellers account.

Contact us at 1-877-9-SELLER
Skype/ WeChat: amazonsellerslawyer
Email me at

If that support moves you into action (aside from tangible results you’ll see in your business when you apply the learnings), I don’t know what else will.

Yes, this kind of support is what I’m looking for. Sign me up!

Q. Is there an off chance that the program won’t work for me? If there is, what’s the guarantee?

A. There’s no way I’d want you to continue the course if you’re not receiving the learning value I promised.

Here’s what I recommend: Don’t even try to decide if this course is for you… Instead, secure your spot now before enrollment closes and the price goes back to usual. Grab it now while you still have the chance.

Watch the videos. Enjoy the BONUSES: Business Growth Strategies and Amazon Policy Courses Communicate with us how you want. In short, try it out. Join the Amazon business training center and your fellow Amazon sellers.