Get REINSTATED on Amazon QUICKLY with WINNING Plans of Action

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Now, in today’s video, I’m going to be talking to you about two different things:

Providing killer customer service to your Amazon consumers, and I’m also going to be bragging a bit about Vin Famularo. I’m going to explain why he is just crushing it for Amazon sellers.

So how can you provide absolutely killer customer service on your Amazon-based business if you’re doing it solo? If it’s just you or it’s you and your spouse, or just a very small staff, look at ZonSupport Greg and his team back up Amazon sellers with insanely awesome customer service.

Vincent Famularo, he’s my partner’s brother. He is brilliant, college-educated, and I’m happy to report to Amazon sellers that just in the past week, in one week alone, five different Amazon sellers were reinstated with his very first plan of action sent.

That is absolutely tremendous. Your first plan of action is the most important one you will ever submit because it’s your best chance to get reinstated quickly, and also before somebody else says no.

If you send in some piece of garbage and Amazon staff declines to reinstate your listing or your account, the next plan of action or the next supplement has to override that first decision. So your first plan of action is absolutely vital.

Vincenzo, awesome work for Amazon sellers all over the world. Amazon sellers, if you want to learn more about how to avoid account suspensions, or how to avoid listing suspensions. Download a copy of our book, the Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Suspensions and Reinstatements.

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