Packaging & Shipping Issues on Amazon Causing Used Sold As New Complaints to Arise for Sellers

Hello Amazon sellers. Today, I’m talking about packaging / shipping issues that can lead to Used Sold As New complaints on Amazon.

If you’re an Amazon seller selling your products or other branded products, you want to make sure that when shipping your products, they arrive safely to your consumers.

If you send out products that aren’t arriving in brand new condition, just like from the store, it can cause customers to think that your products are used.

A good way to avoid this is as a seller is by making sure that the boxing fits your products and you’re using premium packaging materials like bubble wrap or packaging peanuts. This helps to ensure that your product arrives to the customer in pristine condition.

If you’re having these issues with shipping on Amazon and have received a Used Sold As New complaint, contact us:


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As an Amazon seller, you have worked diligently to make sure your business runs smoothly on Amazon. However, you will need to do more than just follow the existing policies – you will also need to frequently check for policy updates from Amazon.

For example, you may believe a new product is new, as long as it has not been opened yet, but Amazon has a more strict interpretation of what constitutes as new. In fact, anything that was returned, had damaged packaging, or was opened but not used, cannot be labeled as new pursuant to Amazon’s policy.

Even though the product could be brand new and never used, it may have damage to the packaging or even been previously opened and later returned. These issues regarding item condition are the source of many used sold as new suspensions & used sold as new complaints on Amazon. < more >