False Complaints Caused By Commingled Inventory – Resolve w/ Amazon Arbitration

I can’t tell you the number of times that arbitrations have resulted from accusations by Amazon against you as a third-party seller because of Amazon’s commingling system.

Now, if you think about the commingling system, it’s absolutely awesome. Products get shipped to California, products get shipped to New York. The seller who has the best ratings in the Buy Box gets credit for the sale. But somebody else’s inventory goes to that consumer because that was closer to the consumer. It speeds up delivery time. It saves money on shipping.

The downside of it is that when the consumer makes a complaint, you’ll get the complaint and Amazon will come down on you, but somebody else’s inventory is what showed up on the consumer’s door.

When this happens and Amazon just owes you a boatload of money or Amazon is withholding your inventory based upon consumer complaints about somebody else’s inventory, often your only remedy is to take Amazon to arbitration.

So the arbitrations in those scenarios are usually going to be expedited arbitrations because the amount of money Amazon owes you is $50,000 or less and these cases can be wrapped up in 90 days. That’s the worst-case scenario. Often, these cases settle once you take the issues and you give it to Amazon’s outside council; Amazon council works with their inside executives. A lot of these cases can be resolved.

If Amazon is seemingly refusing to give you your money, refusing to give you your inventory because an inauthentic complaint or a counterfeit complaint and your products were a thousand percent genuine, arbitration is something you might want to explore.

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