Q4 of 2020: COMPLAINTS that lead to AMZ SUSPENSIONS

AMZ sellers, you have 28 days until Q4 begins. Get your sourcing in order. Get your orders in. Get your inventory into FBA.

Today on the 28th day before Q4, I’m going to talk to you about some of the cases we’ve been winning because they may predict what problems you may have going forward over the next few months.

Over the last week, we won 5 different condition complaint suspensions.

Vin, Declan, Alexa, Jacques, and Tony had killer plans of action written for Amazon sellers that got their accounts & listings back. You need to know this because used sold as new and the other condition complaints that affect you are high on Amazon’s hit list as you go into Q4.

We had sellers reinstated who suffered from velocity issues.

Velocity is when the sales of your product just takes off, and it triggers Amazon’s algorithm, which spits out a report, which causes sellers’ accounts to go down. Two in the last week, these were won by Tony and Jacques, and I couldn’t be more proud of our team. I’m not telling you about this merely to brag about how awesome our plans of action are. It’s so that you can keep an eye on your account. If your sales are skyrocketing, you may want to reel it in a bit to avoid a velocity suspension.

Jacques had a success with copyright complaints that resulted in a suspension.

When it comes to copyright, what you need to know is that 99.9% of copyright complaints against Amazon sellers have to do with images and verbiage. You can’t take someone’s image offline and create a listing. You can’t copy and paste their verbiage. Even if it’s just your warranty, you have to come up with new language. We write warranties for private label brands every single day, and we can do the same thing for you. Create your own images, create your own verbiage, and have us write your warranty, whatever the language you need.

Lastly, in complaints that lead to AMZ suspensions is vulgar language.

Vulgar language often occurs when someone is hijacking the listing, and they’re sticking bad words in there. They’re sticking profanity. They’re altering your images. They’re putting things in the back end, and what happens? You get suspended for vulgar language. I want to congratulate Jacques and our team for getting this seller reinstated after identifying the root cause, the immediate corrective action, and the long term changes for this Amazon seller and getting this seller back online after being suspended under Amazon’s accusation of using vulgar language in the listing and in the back end.