How to AVOID & RESOLVE a Used Sold As New Accusation on Amazon.

Hi everyone. My name is Alexa. I’m a paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC. To begin, these are very common types of complaints. Everybody sees them quite frequently.

So, usually you just need to supply your invoices and a brief description of why there was an issue or why a customer may have believed their item was not new, like the listing claims. So, if you happen to manufacture or you grow your products that you’re selling on Amazon, this can leave you in a weird position because you don’t have any invoices and you don’t really know what to provide Amazon.

But, if that’s your case, it’s okay… You can just explain that in an appeal. Going forward, just make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

So for example, if a product you manufacture is sensitive to temperature or pressure, make sure you’re explaining that in your general listing description, putting a little bullet saying, “Please be home to receive this product in the summer or if you’re in an area of great heat or cold.”

Doing this can save you from getting a complaint like this and can help resolve these types of complaints. So keep that in your arsenal, if you’re moving forward. If you have a product that is sensitive to temperature, pressure, anything, just put a little bullet in your description and it can help you reduce receiving a used sold as new complaint later on.

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