Benefits of Having INSURANCE for an Amazon eCommerce Business

In about five seconds I’m going to explain to you two huge reasons every Amazon-based business should have insurance.

Okay, here are the required benefits for having insurance:

Number one, indemnity.

Indemnity is when someone gets hurt, someone’s house burns down, and you have to pay the damages. Insurance covers the damages. That’s what most people recognize about insurance.

Number two, defense costs.

If your product burns down somebody’s house or harms somebody and they come after you, you have to hire me. You have to write a check and say, “CJ, defend me. Get your litigation department on board.” If you have insurance, you just got to call your insurance broker and say, “Hey, someone’s making a claim against me. I need you to assign me a free lawyer.”

So those are the two benefits you get from insurance. I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest someone to you. The number one insurance broker that I have ever met, my insurance broker, the insurance broker of practically all of our clients who have insurance is Ashlin Hadden. She focuses on Amazon sellers. She has insanely awesome service.

If you don’t have insurance yet, contact Ashlin and make sure you get coverage.

If you’ve been suspended on Amazon or need assistance of any kind with your Amazon ecommerce business, submit your case to us. Our team members will evaluate your case and get back to you as soon as possible.

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