AMZ Insider Info 2/7/20 with CJ Rosenbaum: Amazon REFUSING to RELEASE FUNDS, Infringement Suspensions for Logos, May be inauthentic suspensions on the rise

Amazon Withholding Your Funds

Amazon has been sending sellers all over the world an email that says, “We have received your request for payment. However, we cannot complete the request at this time.” Why is this happening? Usually, it’s happening because Amazon is accusing you of having multiple accounts and in one of those accounts, accusing you of being engaged in fraud or deceit or violating their policies, selling inauthentic items, and this is probably the number one cause of Amazon withholding your funds after your request. And Amazon will even withhold your funds if you close your account and say, “You know what, I don’t want to deal with Amazon anymore. Just give me my money.”

IP Infringement Suspensions for Logo Designs

If you created a really cool design for your t-shirt, if you created an awesome logo like our Amazon Sellers Lawyer logo and it’s original, it’s yours and you can print it on anything you want. You can sell it to whomever you want. But if you ask someone to create a logo for you and they simply copied someone else’s or took somebody’s really cool design and changed it just a little bit and told you it was yours, you may have a significant problem, and we are seeing more and more of these. So when you’re creating designs, you need to make sure it is original and that you own it before you slap it on a t-shirt, hat or a cool mug.

Maybe Inauthentic Suspensions on the Rise

It’s been a gradual rise but it’s been over many, many weeks. Maybe inauthentic is not a brand making a complaint against you. Maybe inauthentic is Amazon seeking to source your inventory, seeking to identify the source of your inventory. It is also being caused by Amazon sellers taking pictures from the internet and using it to create a listing, copying and pasting verbiage from the internet. Using that to create a listing. This is the most maddening thing, there can be a listing that’s already up to where somebody else stole a picture or somebody else stole the verbiage, and now you jump on that listing and boom, you get hit with a maybe inauthentic.

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