AMZ Insider Info 2/10/20 with CJ Rosenbaum: 3 strikes against sellers, Amazon’s awful advice, Hacked accounts & listings on the rise, Related Amazon account suspensions.

3 strikes and you’re out policy when it comes to plans of action.

We do not experience this, but we’ve received a number of calls, emails, and chats from sellers who were suspended for one topic like an inauthentic or high ODR. They wrote a plan of action. They got back on, they got suspended for the same problem, they did another plan of action, they got back on.. Then they got suspended for that third time and boom, they’ve been knocked out of the box and they feel that they can’t get back on. We still have success even after the third, fourth, fifth try. We’ve had success for clients even years, years after their suspensions. This is something you need to know about. The best way to get your account back is to hit it out of the ballpark on the first try.

Amazon giving you really bad information on the help page.

We have received calls and emails from clients, old clients and new clients, that Amazon sent them a note that said, “We reject documents when we can’t verify them or when they don’t meet our criteria. Our decision to approve or reject a document is final and cannot be appealed. Although you can reapply with a new account.” That is absolutely awful advice coming from Amazon.

Related Amazon account suspensions.

After Amazon has essentially given you a notification stating that they were unable to assist you with the reinstatement or the process of documents or what have you. For whatever reason, they’re unable to get your account up. So then they tell you to simply apply for a new account using a different email address. We still have yet to crack this one. Don’t know why they are providing individuals with this type of notification. We can tell you that this information is completely wrong. What’s going to happen when you go to create that second account is you’re going to get hit within a matter of hours, if not one or two days, with a related account notification where you’re essentially going to be left with an account that you can do nothing with. You’re going to have to go back to the original account and now you’re not only going to have to deal with whatever the original issue with that account was but now you’re also going to have a related account suspension that’s tied from the second account to your original account.

We are here to help you if you want us to write a plan of action for you.

Hacked accounts and listings are on the rise dramatically.

When it comes to a hacked account, what generally happens is someone gets into your account and changes your bank information so that your distribution goes to their bank account. We’ve seen it in Croatia, we’ve seen it in other parts of Europe. We’ve seen accounts hacked over the years. We have had a hundred percent success rate and I rarely say that because no one backs 100% when it comes to Amazon, but if your account has been hacked and your money has been diverted, we have been able to get 100% of those accounts reinstated, and every single penny of the money returned to Amazon sellers.

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