Book Sellers on AMZ: Drop Shippers Selling Used Books & Solving Invoice Issues

Being a drop shipper on Amazon is a lucrative business idea, but it also comes with its drawbacks and potential hazards.

Drop shipping is always challenging, whether it’s books or other products, because you tend to not have invoices. You don’t own anything until it’s already ordered. When it comes to booksellers, what are we seeing with drop shippers on Amazon?

Specifically, we’re seeing an issue regarding any time receiving an intellectual property complaint, as in counterfeit, used sold as new, or even inauthentic, we start to worry because of the inability of our clients to produce invoices. Regarding appeals to Amazon of suspended accounts – Anytime a drop shipper doesn’t have invoices, own the fact that you did not vet distributors, without openly telling Amazon you drop ship. This is just one argument that is working right now, where if you need to, you can argue to Amazon that you are accepting ownership, and in the future, you will do a better job at vetting distributors of your books.

Anytime you end up being accused of an intellectual property complaint that damages your Amazon account health, any opportunity you have to let Amazon know that you understand the issues on your account and that you’re willing to move forward from them without actually admitting that you drop ship will go a long way for you.

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