How Our Team Helps Amazon Sellers Dismiss Lawsuits That Have No Specific Allegations To Stand On

Amazon sellers, welcome to litigation for sellers 101, your law school. I’m going to tell you about how we’re asking a court in Chicago to dismiss a case against a seller.

So more and more of you are getting sued, and the most common courthouse that you’re getting sued in is the Northern District of Illinois, it’s the federal courthouse in Chicago. The case was started by a company, Dan Wang. I want you to boycott buying any products made by Dan Wang. Okay?

Dan Wang brought a lawsuit and this is our motion to dismiss the case as it pertains to our client.

A motion is how you ask a court to do something. You move the court for an order, dismissing the case. In this one, we want the court to dismiss Dan Wang’s claim against our client, and here are the grounds.

The lawsuit that was filed had no specific allegations against any of the dozens of defendants in the case. It was all general, claiming the defendants did this, defendants did that, and it didn’t name anybody individually. It also didn’t allege any specific allegations against any of the individual defendants. The lawyer who’s also in Chicago refused to cut our guy loose, even though he has nothing on him, so he compelled us to bring this motion.

Just today, I finalized the motion. The initial draft was by our amazing lawyer & manager of our litigation department, Leslie Gillis. She is a tremendous litigator. We filed it in court today. I am 100% confident that when the judge reads our motion, no allegations at all against our seller, they’re going to dismiss the case against our client. I really hope the judge looks at it and says, “You know what, Dan Wang? I’m throwing your entire case out because there’s nothing specific against any of these sellers and we should toss the whole case.” If the judge does that, it’s called sua sponte. It means on its own initiative.

If you have been sued, make sure you get in touch with me. I will walk you through the process. If you want to hire the best team in the world, that is me and my team. But whether you hire us or not, I’m happy to share how we dismiss lawsuits with you, because I just think it’s just awful that people and companies are getting away with suing sellers when they don’t have anything on you.