AMZ Sellers ACCUSED of Price Gouging – WATCH OUT for Fair Market Pricing Violations

Amazon sellers, I’m getting really nervous because we’re starting to see just a handful of fair pricing policy violations, and that means one thing, accusations of price gouging.

Now when the pandemic first started, we saw a flurry of sellers who were not only getting knocked down for Amazon’s fair market pricing policy violations, but attorney generals all over the United States were reaching out to them and threatening them with extensive civil penalties, and some even with criminal charges.

So as we’re approaching two years in this crazy pandemic, I want to talk to you a bit about price gouging and Amazon’s pricing policies.

So number one, your prices can’t be off the charts, especially when it comes to products that people need for their health, safety, and wellbeing. Masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, these were the causes of a tremendous amount of heartache and stress during the early days of the pandemic. So I want to give you all a huge heads up, a huge warning. Don’t engage in price gouging.

If you’re using pricing software, make sure you are setting a ceiling for that price because as supply dwindles, the software will jack your prices up, and in some states, you may violate their price gouging laws, or you might trigger Amazon’s policy violation, and you just don’t need that.

Now specifically in Q4 and even after the turn of the year when the shortage of goods is probably going to be worse. So huge heads up to Amazon sellers, watch your pricing, set ceilings on your software, and please, if you are contacted by any attorney general or an investigator for any attorney general, get help.

For AMZ sellers accused of price gouging, you can call me, email me, text me, or submit your case on our website. Anything you say or do to an attorney general might be used against you, it’s no joke. You want to make sure you don’t say anything to any law enforcement officer that might be against your interest.