What is an expert witness?

In this video, we’ll discuss what makes someone an expert witness, and how they can help either the plaintiff or the defendant in an Amazon Seller lawsuit.

We also discuss the different types of cases that may require an expert witness and how to find one. If you’re an Amazon Seller who has been sued by a plaintiff, you may need to hire one!

Expert witness

An expert witness is a person who has specialized knowledge in any specific area. In a trial, an expert witness can be used to give a professional evaluation of the case and factors which are involved based on the relevant facts and his/her extensive knowledge of the subject. An expert witness can be hired to defend your position in court by providing testimony that you should not be faulted for the situation which has occurred or the claims filed.

Examples of expert witnesses are medical doctors who provide witness to a medical case, burn doctors in relation to burn injuries, a doctor of dentistry in relation to teeth or dental aspects, etc. In the case which we handled, a doctor who specialized in burns was used to defend the Amazon seller and provided the professional opinion that the burn discussed could not have resulted for the circumstance which was said to have caused it.