What is an expert witness?

In this video, we’ll discuss what makes someone an expert witness, and how they can help either the plaintiff or the defendant in an Amazon Seller lawsuit.

We also discuss the different types of cases that may require an expert witness and how to find one. If you’re an Amazon Seller who has been sued by a plaintiff, you may need to hire one!

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How to Benefit from Depositions & WIN YOUR CASE

So here’s what happened… The lawyer asks a question of the plaintiff’s expert witness and he testified basically that he doesn’t know anything about the case. If I were the lawyer asking the questions, I would have stopped right then and there because you have the best testimony possible, the paid expert admitting he doesn’t know anything about the case. Amazon’s lawyer screwed it up. And what he did is he kept asking questions. Do you know about this? Do you know about that? Were you aware of this? And little by little by little, he basically rehabilitated this expert witness when we had him destroyed.

The IMPORTANCE Of Hiring Expert Witnesses For Testimonies & What Information They Can Provide

Okay Amazon sellers in this part of Law School 101 for Amazon sellers, we’re going to be talking about expert witnesses. What they are, what they do, when you want to hire one, when you have to combat the other side’s expert witness.

Amazon Sellers Involved in Litigation use Expert Witnesses to Defend Themselves in Court

So we are now on the defense side. So what are we looking to do? We’re looking to hire an expert witness to poke holes in the plaintiff’s case, to show that the injuries were caused by the plaintiff’s conduct. In this case, that the plaintiff used water that was extremely hot in our client’s product and that’s what caused the damages, that’s what caused this person’s burns. You also want to try and find expert witnesses to put the blame someplace else. In this case, our defense is going to be super, super easy because in order to suffer tremendous burns, the water has to be tremendously hot.