When is it a Good Time to Sell Your Amazon Based Business or Brand?

Life is all about timing. Timing is absolutely everything. You bring home flowers to the Mrs. when she’s not upset, it goes a whole lot longer than if you waited for her to be mad at you.

Why in the world am I talking about timing? I’m talking about timing because I want to talk to Amazon sellers and I want you to consider selling your Amazon-based business.

As Amazon continues to explode, as your sales continue to explode, that is a great time to sell your Amazon-based business or your Amazon-based brand.

Why would you want to sell a business that is growing? Because that is where the value is. It all comes down to timing. If you wait until there’s a downturn, if you wait until maybe there are other competitors who are taking your sales or you wait until you have hijackers who are stealing your intellectual property rights or your factory in China starts selling your products behind your back, that will cause a decline so it’s always best to time the sale of your business when it’s on an upward trajectory.

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