Join CJ & Brandon Andrews of The Private Label Insider – What you need to know about private labeling in 2019.

Webinar Wednesday: Private Labeling in 2019

Discussing topics like…

1. Why private labeling is still the key to long term success

2. Why leveraging marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart & more is the best place to start

3. Why being flexible is key as marketplaces like Amazon continue to evolve

4. Why building a social following is foundational to retaining a loyal customer base

5. Why selling your brand for a big payout is an attractive exit strategy

6. Why ensuring you have the right information to make the right decisions is critical

And so much more!

Brandon Andrews is the editor-in-chief of The Private Label Insider, co-founder of Freedom Shark, and runs his own successful private label business. He has been selling private label products since 2014 after escaping the corporate world.

The Private Label Insider is a monthly digital magazine comprised of over 20 leading experts in the private label industry. These experts share the stage of leading conferences like ASD, Global Sources, Prosper, Seller Summit, Midwest eCom, Retail Global and MORE! This publication is the new authority in private label training and a must have resource for anyone selling online.

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