Reinstated After Plan of Action: Describes New Business Plan, Multiple IP Complaints


We had a west coast Amazon seller who sold creative t-shirts reach out to us. He employed 3 people in addition to himself and wasn’t comfortable writing his own Plan of Action.

The seller received approximately 25 copyright complaints on his account, which was why he was initially suspended. We reached out to the rights owners, but the seller was actually infringing, so we were not able to obtain retractions.

When helping Amazon sellers, we use a TEAM APPROACH to find the best arguments for each seller.

This case was difficult to resolve – we had to bounce ideas around the office to get different perspectives on how to handle this particular case. We were able to draft plans to which Amazon responded, but they continued to request additional information.

Plans of Action need to be unique, which means that sellers must be involved. We call and involve every seller in their POA.

Our process involves a team effort. We work in a collaborative environment that includes our sellers because while we can write a better plan of action and handle intellectual property issues better than most, no one knows the seller’s business better than they do.

We submitted 2 appeals to the Amazon Notice-Dispute team, who requested additional information, which we continued to provide. Notice-Dispute is where sellers can challenge Intellectual Property complaints. We then went the Amazon Escalation team who also requested additional information. The fact that Amazon was responding to our appeals was good news since our seller was clearly in the wrong. If you’re a seller and are violating someone’s Intellectual Property rights, it doesn’t mean that you’re dead in the water.

Working with the Amazon Seller suspended for copyright infringement, a new business plan was developed. We then went back to the Notice-Dispute team and showed Amazon pictures of what our client would be selling moving forward into the future so that Amazon could see that our client was serious about getting reinstated.

The Amazon seller had an entire new line set up and that got his account reinstated.

In order to get back in business, our client had to do a complete pivot of what he was selling. We saved this account, the seller’s business, and his ability to make payroll and support the families of his employees.

If you’re an Amazon Seller Suspended for Copyright Infringement, GET HELP NOW: the staff at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC are required by law to assure you 100% confidentiality. As a law firm, we protect your privacy under the Attorney-Client Privilege. We keep your information secret by law.