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We help protect private label brands against hijackers and counterfeiters around the world.

When a client comes to us for a brand protection issue, our first step is to analyze the issue. Our team determines whether the seller is victimized by a hijacker or an infringing seller on their listings.

Next, we draft a Cease and Desist letter tailored to the specific issue at hand. We send the Cease and Desist letter out to the hijackers / infringers. We allow them 2 days to respond to our request to remove their infringing or hijacking content. We allow the sellers 2 days to respond because we do not want to afford risk or harm to a seller’s account if they are willing to work with our firm and resolve the issue.

However, sometimes sellers do not respond or cooperate with our Cease and Desist letters. When this happens, the next step for our firm is to draft what we call a Report of Infringement. A Report of Infringement is drafted similarly to a Cease and Desist letter, except it is delivered to Amazon’s legal teams via email.

Usually Amazon accepts our reports of infringement, however, this is not always the case. When Amazon rejects a report of infringement, we can usually redraft and resubmit, and ultimately are able to help our clients alleviate issues with hijackers or infringing sellers.