BREAKING NEWS WARNING ALL SELLERS – Microsoft Suing Sellers for Licensing, IP & Software Violations

All right, breaking news, Amazon sellers. It’s not particularly good news, but you have to know about it.

Microsoft is making complaints against Amazon sellers.

Now, many people don’t realize this, that when you buy software, you’re not actually buying the program. You’re buying a license to use the program.┬áIn my younger days, (when I had a full head of hair) you bought software, you bought the disc, first it was floppies, then it was CDs, you weren’t actually buying the plastic. You were buying a license to use the software.

If you’re in the business of buying software or buying old discs and then selling them, watch out because you don’t have the authority necessarily to sell a license to use that software. It’s a whole different kettle of fish. This is why Microsoft suing sellers is something you need to know about.

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